PATLAB (from PATtern LABoratory, a reference to certain camouflage naming ) conventions) is an iPhone application that generates camouflage patterns.


PATLAB is simple. You give it a photo, and it generates a pattern. You can edit the pattern, and you can save or share it. The patterns created by PATLAB tile, so you can easily use them as a background or for other design work.


take a picture
get a pattern


PATLAB produces patterns like these:


Tips & Tricks

  • Crop Images: When taking or selecting a photo to use with PATLAB, keep in mind what colours you would like to have present in the pattern, and use the crop feature to focus on an area of the photo that contains a good representation of the colours you're interested in.

  • Editing: A pattern is generated from various 'pattern elements', that represent the different colours in the pattern. These elements have four editable properties: color, mass, size, and distribution. Color refers to the actual color of the element. Mass refers to the percentage of he total pattern that will be given to the element. Size refers to the maximum size of the element's individual 'blobs'. Distribution describes how close the sizes of individual blobs will be to the maximum size.

  • Turn Elements Off/On: PATLAB will return up to 6 colours for an image, but by default the initial pattern generated will only use four of them. To turn other elements on, simply modify the mass property. To turn an element off, turn its mass to zero.

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